The Regional Environmental Center (REC), Kosovo office, organized a regional study visit under the SpECIES Program

19 September 2018

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The Regional Environmental Center (REC), Kosovo office, organized a regional study visit under the SpECIES Program: Support to Environmental Civil Society Organizations in Kosovo, financially supported by the Swedish Embassy in Pristina through the Swedish Agency for International Development SIDA.

This visit is organized under the second Component ‘Networking and Partnership’ of the SpECIES Program. Through this component is intended to encourage civil society organizations to work together with all stakeholders for achievement of common goals. By establishing new partnerships, civil society organizations can gain access to new sources of information, expertise and skills, including funding of various environmental initiatives. Moreover, partnerships and networking can be an important tool to help civil society organizations build their visibility and capacity, especially those that are weaker or newly established.

The study visit in the region specifically aims to provide a basis for knowledge transfer, sharing experiences and establishing contacts with sister organizations or sectors operating in different environmental fields in Albania. By enabling these contacts, Kosovo CSOs will have the opportunity to identify synergies and co-operation tools as well as identify new mechanisms that can be implemented in Kosovo.

The regional study visit is organized in two cities of Albania, Shkodra 12-13 (September) and Tirana (13-14 September), 2018.

During this visit ECSOs from Kosovo have had the opportunity to visit some CSOs operating in the territory of Albania; the first was a visit to the Aarhus Center in the city of Shkodra.

Ms. Alminda Mema, Executive Director provided Information on the activities of the Aarhus Center in Shkodra and implemented projects:
– Illegal dumpsites on the Drin River (Funded by REC/ACHIEVE).
Initiative: Energy Efficiency within the Network An Eye for the Environment (Funded by REC/SENiOR-II)

The visit continued to the “Young Intellectuals, Hope” Center in Shkodra, where Mr. Blendi Dibra, Director of YIH Center and Ms. Indira Kruja from the Forum of Lake Shkodra presented a presentation on the center’s activities and realized projects:
– Monitoring the work and functions of the Municipality of Shkodra
– Forum Activity within the Network for Nature Protection (Funded by REC/SENiOR-II)
The ECSOs were accompanied by Mr. Petrit Imeraj (Albanian Alps Alliance Association) and Ms. Eltjana Shkreli (GO2) Shkodra in the planned activity:
– Visit Shkodra, Familiarization with the cultural heritage sites, history and urban development of the city in recent years.

Other planned visits in the program in the city of Tirana were:

Visit to the Office of REC Albania with Mr. Mihallaq Qirjo, Director REC Albania, Ms. Albina Shehu Project Manager of SENiOR-II REC Albania, Ms. Ogerta Ujkashi, Junior Expert REC Albania

  • Presentation of the Office projects and activities and success stories
  • Presentation of the SENiOR project with the focus on established networks and CSO cooperation according to defined themes
  • Presentation of the Environment Today Program

Visit to the “Youth Program” training organized within the SENiOR II Program, Ms. Daniela Ruçi Expert in Education, REC Albania.

  • Introduction to training objectives and its contribution to the youth of environmental organizations
  • Sharing the experiences with the youth of environmental organizations

Visit to the EDEN Center with Ms. Ermelinda Mahmutaj, Executive Director

  • Presentation of activity of the network “An eye for the environment”
  • The cooperation practices Strategy,
  • Success stories and achievements

Visit to Ekomjedisi

Experience exchange with the organization Ekomjedisi, Ms. Magdalena Cara, Durrës

  • Presentation of the project progress and use of the Trash Out application.

Visit to Divjakë Visitor Center with Mr. Ardian Koci Director of Regional Protected Areas Agency (ADZM Fier)

  • Presentation by the Director of the Regional Protected Areas Agency
  • Discussions on ADZM cooperation with environmental associations and the community on the promotion and development of the park
  • Meeting with community groups in the vicinity of the park, SMILE Albania project staff
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