Training of CSOs on Organizational Viability Assessment

24 January 2018

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SpECIES – SUSTAINABLE ENVIRONMENTAL CIVIL SOCIETY SUPPORT has provided the first concrete support to environmental CSOs for undertaking the Organisational Viability Assessment (OVA) which aims at organizational assessment and organizational development plans with a purpose to make them entities serving as agents of positive environmental change. 

The training was organized from 24 – 26 January 2018 at the REC premises which was attended by 29 CSOs. This event was facilitated by three (3) national coaches hired by the REC.

The man goal of this training was to provide detailed information in regards to the process of Organisational Viability Assessment that will be undertaken by targeted CSOs.

The Organisational Viability Support process is composed by three main parts: Organisational pre-assessment (determining the organisation’s readiness and commitment to the go to the next stage); Self-assessment (using the organisational viability toolkit) and Design of the organisational development plan (ODP).

Upon the training, the targeted CSO will undergo the process of OVA using the RECs Toolkit which is intended to assist CSOs to assess their internal performance as well as design an organizational development plan to increase their capacities. In addition, the assessment is specifically intended to consider those internal organizational capacities and characteristics that influence the viability of a civil society organization and to help define what may require improvement in the short, medium and long-term.

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