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30 November 2017

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The Swedish International Development Agency through the Regional Environmental Center (REC) – Office in Kosovo provides support to Environmental Civil Society Organizations in Kosovo

The Regional Environmental Center (REC) – Office in Kosovo, with the financial support of the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida), represented by the Embassy of Sweden in Prishtina, will implement over the next four years the program for “Sustainable Environmental Civil Society Support – SpECIES” in Kosovo.

The main objective of the SpECIES program is to strengthen the role and capacities of environmental civil society in Kosovo through assisting organizations and communities in articulating needs, providing services and support, and developing partnerships and networks that can effectively address environmental priorities and make progress towards achievement of sustainable development goals. Support to civil society organizations provided through the SpECIES program will focus on the following sectors: air, water and waste

Through this program, the environmental civil society organization can benefit in various forms through the three main program clusters:

Cluster I: Capacity building, development and exchange

Through this component, it is intended to empower civil society organizations to take action to enforce the right to a healthy environment and to make them have impact on policymakers and decision-makers. Capacity building of civil society organizations will be delivered through a series of training packages for those organizations that are active and appreciated in articulating issues in the field of environmental protection.

Cluster II: Networking and partnership

This Cluster aims at encouraging civil society organizations in working together with all stakeholders for achieving common goals. By establishing new partnerships, civil society organisations can gain access to new resources, information, expertise and skills, including funding of various environmental initiatives. Moreover, partnerships and networking can be an important tool to help civil society organisations built visibility and capacity, particularly those which are weaker or newly established.

Cluster III: Grant support mechanism

There will be three types of grants over the course of the programme:

  • institutional grants, targeting weaker and newly established civil society organisations, to assist in producing development plans and thus be able to support community needs.
  • Pilot partnership grants will target stronger civil society organizations to support them on providing concrete environmental solutions at the local level, priority will be given to actions which aim at assisting communities on implementing priority projects identified on Local Environmental Action Plans
  • Grants for implementing integrated actions through the coalition of selected and consolidated civil society organizations will target the sectors: air, water and waste. Through this category of grants, important activities will be supported at national level, such as: participation processes in drafting laws, strategies, monitoring and enforcement processes, public participation in dialogue and impact on decision-making processes.

For more information about the program and involvement of your CSO in the program, please contact:


Phone: 038 22 51 23


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